Terms of Use Last update: 23/01/2021

1 We will NOT REFUND money for any reason! (Only when closed website!)

2 We will NOT REFUND money if you send wrong amount, wrong addrress, fee..etc

3 We will NOT REFUND money if following cases:
- The same file was downloaded 2 times in the same time.
- Being double-click.
- Error by your Browser, Computer etc...
- Error by author upload or 3rd party server crash.
- Error by internet connection issues

4 You can free re-download each image within 2 days (48 Hours) from the "Download history" section!

5 All images or vector you downloaded default are the "highest quality". (Format: JPG or Vector(eps, ai, svg, cdr))

6 We do not guarantee each website working 24/7, if you see icon means status is update and usually within 15 minutes to 8 hours. (If outside working hours may be up to 12 hours)

7 We support deduction money from your account balance for buying Video/Clip footage or any item other when order offline.

8 We not support replace, refund or fix if the file you has download wrong format or content by author uploader!

9 To claim the wrong deposit please contact us via telegram: @jamewick

10 We reserve the right to add or remove any image/video bank if we no longer support it in the future.

11 We do not limit the number of images downloaded per account, it depends on the balance you can download.

12 Our principle is to come before will be resolved before. (Within ~15 minutes - 3 hours)

13 We only support fix file error within 1 hour after download file successfully. If you have report after 1 hour we'll not fix it.

14 When using the Service and downloading Images you must comply "STANDARD LICENSE" each following website: Shutterstock, iStockphoto, AdobeStock, 123rf, Depositphotos, Dreamstime, BigstockPhoto, Alamy

15 If download file is slowly or unstable connections, please check your internet connection. Additionally you can also check the connection speed by Click here!

16 The administration does not bear the responsibility for illegal actions of users of the resources from SAVEPIK.com accomplished with use.

17 The user is soley responsible for his/her actions on our services, SAVEPIK has no liability or guarantees regarding what you expect to earn using SAVEPIK's services.

18 Our services guarantees uninterrupted granting of services 24 hours a day, if it is not connected with a force majeur circumstance.

19 When you are registered and use information from this web-page, You confirm, that you are acquainted and agree with rules of our services.

20 If you don't understand these rules, you must leave this web site immediately!!!

21 If a user violates the term of service, you will be banned account forever!

22 We reserve the right to change any of the terms, rules, conditions or policies of the Site, at any time in our sole discretion.